The Call of GA.


Io ton. Ton io ta, pei doroka sos mithal oves NI kas torim. De ap pon dojun. Oe di a ke ro. Dalmeth fi sek mia, kosia Ne Varan tel, damith foj no Balthurz ZOI-GA. oretz salman desia. Gor telin de OIAD. Elia das forun tel pi, sat on damith cors palanteria of ath anui onia NI. GA f ol, lap tonugi ef as fi afedan.


Eternity is Allover. But The All (stretches) eternal-like, for darkness swings its punishing thruth over the 28 and are sustained. From the continous destruction howls (arises). The extacies of the 3rd are gone. The Crowned worm turns for my power, refusing the Holy seer its course, thereby in turns becoming the highest Justice; the forgetful 31 (ZOIGA). Open the house of acceptance. Open for the course of OIAD. The one which the seeds spreads to its places, provide thereby such acquaintance of strength, the work .. making the 28. You 31, visit me for the defacing visit that turns to unspoken Glory.