An overview
over the functions of the I ged spiritgroups and their internal connections,
as discovered under the work with their respective tables.
The links goes to their respective tables and by holding the mousecursor over those links
one should get a little popup containing the references that is given by Dee & Kellys Calls..


The 456 ages of time.
Is an energy carrying out commands from the seats OS & OL.
connects to the Watchtowers.
Creates an energy connection between some planets far outside our solarsystem and our earth. Also conn. to fixstars and The tablet of God.

The 9 Fire spirits.
Works mainly with the NI & OL. Uses QUAR. Lots of their work is specified within the names of their servants ACAM.
Solar and ketherian forces with an strong redemptive effect.
may be paired off with the subquarters of the watchtowers.
Builds an Oak whose top is in the region of the two zodiaks, bottom on earth, touches or goes through the Aethers.
Fits with the OXpillars.

PEOAL:  Galactic forces.
table divided in 3 circles:
Inner: passing through the veil of earth.
Middle: Implementing what has passed.
Outer: responsible for what passed and has been buildt.
Connects to: Fixstars,the OSnames (seats), the Earth and the Sun, Sirius ,Vega & Antares.
Table also containing the names of The Mighty Sounds:
corr. to the parts of the olive (microcosm) conn. to regions of the Aethers.



Sets the scene for much of the EM work.
Connects to EM, NI, PEOAL & OXcubes. Are also planetary.


Cooperates with the P (8 vials of wrath) uses OXcubes as venues for work.Uses also cacodemons in this work.

Shaktis in 4 groups.
1st: commands the heptarchic angels.
2nd: Corr. to planetary sones.
3rd: Employs the 3 central lines of the watchtowers:
4th: Of the earthly realm.

O table:
Their function is to attach one to the eagle so that one can leave the planet or attach to the earth via the GA.
Incl the mighty seat name that calls the O.
Conn. to the Oak.


tests and filters material gathered by the CIAL, working along the OXcubes and can also be paired with the seniors of the watchtowers.


The Flame table:
creates a spire.
connects to PEOAL.

captures energies in the form of knowledge.
Employs watchtower hierarchies. Touches PDcubes.

Creates geometric structures, their OIAD gives a ray from the centre of the Earth to the Surface.

Servants of the 1st fire.
Pairs off with Bannernames, Seniors and Kings.

OL: the 24 seats of Unity.
Corr. to the 2 zodiacks combined, calls the tropical and sidereal Z.
Conn. to CLA.
Table incl. the OSnames that creates a stack above the Z.

The 26 hyacinth pillars:
conn. to the angles mentioned in D&K calls, allows influence from these higher points to flow down into the world. Fits in with the Watchtowertablets. Connects to NI.
Table incl. the names of the Stooping dragon and his ministers.

VX: the 42 eyes.
works in the space between the NI groups. Can be conn. to the OB.
Table incl. the names of "the Swords of the south". that seems to process energies going between the earth and all outside. Employs the Seniors and the O.

Servants of the 2nd flame.
Makes a square within the space defined by the DARG, gives further hemispheres.
Connects to the Tablet of God.

The black Fire factory!
Conn. to the One/Hadit.
Meets up with the swords of the south (VXtable) Fits also with some TAXS names.

Covers the planet. Makes spaces giving freedom going to space outside. Is used by PD.
Table incl. the P (vials of wrath), that are some purification tool.
Creates room and space for work. Conn. from earths surface to the barrier outside the core of the earth. Uses some of the TAXS names. Conn to tablet of God. Some of ERAN also servants of the Flame Olprt, work through Watchtowerangels.

TAXS: Servants of the 3rd Fire.
Connects to square of EMOD and the Tablet of God. Conn. DARG column to ERAN shaft.
The Framenames helps grounding the QUAR energy.

MIAN table is still not arrived. That will then make 24 tables belonging to the I ged collection, whereof two are cubes.