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This is a site mainly dedicated to
Ored Dhagia; The Infinite ways;
that consists of these two works:
Dor Os zol ma thil ... & ...I ged.

These and the tables with the names of the spirits are received and translated by
Runar Karlsen. He and Dean Hildebrandt
have made a beginning of understanding the nature and use of these spirits.

"Dor OS zol ma thil..." or "The Book of the EM" is the first major receiving from the Enochian spirits in the angelic tongue since John Dee and Edward Kelly still was working together, and you can find it -

in the DOzmt Index together with additional commentaries. This work is a treatise on the creation of the karmic point together with duality; wherein also the Firespirits gives their own solution.

"...I Ged." is the grimoire with the Calls and tables of names of the spirit hierarchies which in the Angelic Calls or Keys that Dee & Kelly received are named words which became translated to numbers. This work is very varied and we refer to the I Ged index for finding all this and the brief descriptions of our current understanding of them.

If you get results worth including on the site while working with these, feel welcome to send them to Runar and Dean.

Dean`s Essay.  Our Recommended  Introduction A few important enochian Links Contains Patricias Letteressence starter &  many other goodies. How its made and thankslist

Marid Audran`s Pages.
Marid presents his works here, including Qvyd, that is a work giving access to the worldsouls of our solar system

The 16 Initiatory Paths
Dean is now creating a grimoire of his own with names that connects to the forces of the Universe.

Works on Liber Loagaeth.
Internal structures on this works are now found out by Dean.

On the Earthsoul; Caosgo.
Recently did we get tablet and calls for the Earthsoul.

The Enochian at E-mail forum.
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During the years this list have proven substantial, and its archives can tell very much
about whats happened the last decade in enochian magick.

NEWS and Updates:

Autumn 2003: The 16 Initiatory Paths are steadily growing, and Runars indexpage have been updated, where a new introduction have been written, plus the most of the neoegyptian texts are up, with some comments added while others still lacking.
The essay "Local stars systems of Influence" presents some of the results done with this material and should provide lot of new information to astrologers.

Deans work on Liber Loagaeth Tablet 4 is ready.
Also his work on English Qaballa is up, named "The Tree of Life, the Thelemic Trinity, and English Qabalah."

Nov2002: Deans work on Liber Loagaeth is up, plus the 16 initiatory paths.

Sept2002: Deans essay "Precession of the Equinoxes" revised



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And be also aware :
The material on this web page is of a both powerful and subtle nature, and its
use is likely to also have significant effects on the practitioner's life and
karma. Such karmic backfires may be experienced as unpleasant or even worse.
Some of these beings may also manifest in disruptive ways. One should, at the
least, have a solid familiarity with the watchtower angels and other basics
of the Enochian system and magick in general before proceeding on to the other
material. We take no responsibility for the results achived by use of this material.

Runar & Dean.