Liber Loagaeth table 1.

The first tablet is extracted from the following passage given by Galvah:

Loagaeth seg Loxi brinc. Larzed dox ner habzilb adner doncha Larb vors-hiroba
exi vr zedmp taup chinvanc chermach Lendix nor zandox.

Dee was told to write this in five groups of 21 letters, which presents a
problem since the passage contains 110 letters. I believe the L's are to be
left out in forming the tablet. This gives the following letter groupings
which are to be placed with the first three groups on the front and the last
two on the back:






The transmission of the tablet was accompanied by imagery of physical, animal
life, and the corresponding gate was said to relate to Christ's coming. The
tablet per se relates to the life aspect, and the introduction of the capital
L's (L meaning God and/or Christ in this context) activates the implicit,
latent aspect of the tablet relating to the passage given by Galvah.

By taking the 1st, 6th, 11th, 16th, and 21st letters of each group, one gets
the following passage described to me by Ave:

Otoi zen ba do ar ox id unchci zx.

This passage characterizes the physical life aspect of the tablet, and Ave
provided the following tentative translation:

Otoi: The beginning of life. Note that this is also the name of the serviant
angel from the ORO tablet going with the living creatures of earth.
zen: The seperate place wills selves (this is also the name of the 18th aether)
ba: many
do: selves
ar: that
ox: in becoming limited/limiting (also the name of an I Ged group)
id: can
unchci: be fruitful and multiply
zx: dividing limits, ie rearanging the limiting patterns. Note that IZXP is
the angel of the MOR tablet in the corresponding position to OTOI. The i from
unchci plus zx thus can imply the completion stage begun in otoi, minus the
fixity of the final P of IZXP

The passage Galvah gave is divided by a period in the middle, the part before
being prepatory for Christ's coming and the part after relating directly to
Christ's coming. The five words beginning with L's seem to be headings in a
sense for the sections of this process. A tentative translation is as follows:

Loagaeth: speach of God
seg: possessing the will to negate
Loxi: Age of God
brinc: makes hands
Larzed: God makes
dox: possibilities become limited
ner: selves will movement
habzilb: life multiplies and changes
adner: becoming servants
doncha: living servants cause life to multiply anew
Larb: Christ's appearence
vors-hiroba: shapes and forms life
exi: will limits energy
vr: light moves
zedmp: space is entered
taup: entering energy gives rise to the specific one
chinvanc: enters life as a person
chermach: becomes a realized person
Lendix: Christ's incarnation
nor: self being movement
zandox: influence for becoming

It is interesting to see how these two passages intersect. The first section
Loagaeth seg fits with the ot of otoi, thus the beginning of the process lies
in the disruption or negation of the balance at the root of life. Gurdjieff
talked about this aspect of the Christian mysteries, see Bennett's Masters of
Wisdom. The second section goes with the oi, each of these being the
beginnings of the relevant energies. The next passage goes with zen ba do,
each of these relating to the emergence of selves. The next goes with ar ox
unchc-, each of these relating to defining limited specifics. The last goes
with -i zx, Christ's incarnation being coming within the limits of existing
patterns, and again there is the parallel with IZXP.



Tablet 2

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