Liber Loagaeth

The 49 tablets of Liber Loagaeth are the most powerful part of the system. They fit with the gates opened by the 49 calls in a one-to-one fashion, the first tablet fitting with the unspoken call, the second with the first call, third with the second call, etc. The first tablet was given last, and is extracted from a passage given to Dee by the angel Galvah. The next 47 are two-sided and were given to Dee in order. Versions of some of these are available online and versions of all of them are available on the Twilit Grotto cd-rom. The last tablet was given first, in Liber Quintus, in the form of a series of calls, the words of which go in the cells of the tablet.
Runar has produced translations of a few of these calls from the back of the tablet. A few tentative generalizations can be made based on explorations of the tablets so far. The b sides of the tablets face down and are considered the fronts of the tablets, the a sides up and the back. The tops of the tablets are in the northeast, thus, for example, the upper left corner of 'Alla opnay qviemmah' and upper right corner of 'Zrebth aho dan lanfal cramza' are in the north, the upper right and upper left of these in the east. The fronts of the tablet relate to light in the sense of the active forces of the Worldspirit and those subject to Her, notably God, and the backs to dark in the sense of deeper hidden patterns.

Tablet 1

Tablet 2

Tablet 3

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Tablet 9

Some online versions of these tablets can be found at: