The Call of MAPM:


Doi-na her pi lati foina to re kil nati de zoi. AF cors maphil tonus belati co urun. Do etia nothi paretzi pamprasqui kol na roi meth pei odore na oliethun OS MAPM; pil de ogun-ratia. Nof fi nati f sokhurz li ma no, de avian bethors snokhi lame on te pirim abean.
Ogg na Balata:
Aije na hem abe-tan, dol i mathič. Zam fi gores na hares pilodore, bethie fan gors.
Amma mapič: "paia na Li me ath, ki lami de o pera dothin nati, lap ziredo asakil ogbaretz fanutaz.
MAPM coi na dogun arp.


The Serpent that divided is, finds itself being a place encircling the main cunning bolt; the child of perplexion. The AF and such as the unattainable ALL is the Justices cover of the Seer. By whirling in the midst of the enflaming Holy Oil, making the sunrise of continuance for the dark and highest creation of the Twelve and the 9639; the Firmament for the slave merchandise. In translucence whirls the child to the reigner; the One; which do fall, for of the millstones crushing noise the path was made for the Holy One`s staying.
The Chamber of the Righteous:
The meeting becomes the wonder of the staying Balance; everything is continous. The war (of the brothers) turns on lustily and cries deeply from the dark foundation, crushing pomegranates in lust.
The accursed sentence goes:
" (I am) Being the work around the One; granting the way for the called fire to mirror the child, For I am myself only when dwelling in the chamber made by Baraz."
Rather 9639 than conquering any howling.



Difficult - The whole call looks like some arising prosess that simply isnt labeled. 
The chamber of Righteousness is disgraced or used ? by the the throwing of pomegranates (these are symbols of karma of desire - its content are dark wine-red glistening berries withheld by some white bitter layers that are a bit difficult to peel completely. its juices are very sticky.)
Millstones crushing noise - the sound of because and necessity.