The Call of MIAN :

MIAN gal da gejhurz.

Esiaka lap horeti van di aretho methi nom atho leti kanta rogun vat sepon. Dogun DI fareti lieti nos paratziki dom athi zeniodra doianu ors matha kenifajin ovof momosa. Zani je gohu: Marez. Si dogun, lap orethusa sati sepin dog des mal zen tejo gaf.
Gohilia: Baje; Fi de O omi matha re onto, lap kenis satije maraxa Katil ton DI. MIAN de atva ovof, cors palajanteria sati el-mi-dor.Torzul od oi ginis de snati de avando de baria.
O - I - de - I I - MI.


3663 into the highest inn.

The brothers are not here for their own celebration or their 3rd`s beauty, but for the work of continual end, to find perfection as the measured robe of a star. The howling of the third exceeds far the Ones word for the work of his own waste, to become the Master of sacrifice's continual black face, bound, encircling, magnified as moss. Our finger says: "Stop howling, for we shall be without the howling of the star, that provides you accept the sacrifice of the arrow; your misery.
Saying: "Doubt, turn around the Five and understand the continual cunning excesses, for restriction is necessary when our burdens and our good brother becomes all the 3rd. 3663 the shells magnifies, and such acquaintance is in need of the one black power. Arise and this binds the wanderer of shadowy deserts.
Called is the power of "beings perfect division".