The Primary call of NI: 

  NI omis zen.

Kars mopixata quenti snokh. Beresia fi voronto maz Keti od likavi seje i noa doronto. Beli-ban bojira bostan beres va nobim ket roi. Lata henia gors do oniaxita zlami. Zamta Zod. Sakil Zes seje horia den tors ot men-tak. Lam i-t zen vatva. Arabata. Zines! So Maratzi, ko laminana, vat veria onu max dokil.
Gedin! Toria!
L tare noco Zoiga.

The call for opening the left side of the table of NI:   Pe NI.

Batam mam.
Eleane rej nol eleajis gilox i et poamal ta naki ser, so roi el no a Li io.

The call for opening the right side of the table of NI:  Pa NI.

Bams nam ma.
Go pod uagi bo pax Li, Vi mi pan oi da tar-ox pona, a nob on kas her ootpan til ROOOR NA.



How awful such void can noise.The sleeping one turns, and release hymns of the covenant between the white brother and his hopeless black brother, and is himself becoming their emancipator of darkness. Justice, the Holy ruler, awakes the sleeping one to let him become the voice of their sunrise. Finding beauty unvinding in pretensious hands of power; I invoke them. My black axe celebrates the sustaining of no-ones feet. The path is to the sacrifice of the Sunbeast. Maidens ! Move ! Visit the burden, cover that "walking stone", magnify it and fulfill the curse of the covenant.
Fall ! Sustain! 
The One becomes the servant of the Most Holy no God.

Pe NI:
Praised Moss ! To which the wand is Key. Though the child is the flaming palace as the life mourns; visit the sunset, the One becomes the One eternal.


Pa NI:
"(Are you) Forgetting the falling offer?",said the endlessly divided holy friend of the One, the Second power, "this honey that becomes destroyed", and the voice made are of the earth-splitting master and seat of the Trinity of the sun.

The two minor calls are made of the names from the table of NI which do not make any of the names of the 28.