The Call of O:


Ak sald, Lo mer-i-taz, voinu Lo fi set maraxa loi. Natir vet ienu sokhe Le, venu sati re onto PeNi cors atva mesi zoi. Natir peta le vani kers athil O ma io-va se so i GA.
Gar alp koi na veti vaian sepa zoi sos. Atian otun de olani kas meranu tok lona sor van vetia of. Maraxa koas Ne-thil vaian. EL tik, dal veti orio matha nesikale to miano raas i de opina kil eti ra no saf.



No wonders, the torments of the One is here, wherein the One walks around using the kiss of regret. The child makes another reigning One, by invoking and using "the smart fillings" of the Pe28, whose shell is the old oblivion. The child is going to invoke such a seat from where the 5 falls endless-like whirling and so visiting the 31.
(I want to be) A dead mouse rather than doing my waiting in the turning vessel of oblivion, but before this overturning is made, yourselves are a mountain Kingdom that moves neither in strength nor wonder. The burdens cries bitterly on the holy seat of waiting. The One man that fights or goes on in blind lust - his main continuance in the East is of the five travelling thunderbolts, noisily whirling from the sunrise.