The call of OB:

OBim Ton

Ji java veii no masala. Ko rabi tel do nokia sejin sos matabe herzin, lel onu-tasia sik maretz vil otun saziami ten-oku. Doria me Vi sezio sati ol mipares sej, atan ro den otun kai mipars dol ag NI.
Sor la veni to rati goinu:
voi nat soi cors mala fi toinup ar telin of rati soin. Rati tonugi.
Gi lam te roina. Delio ta me onu saiin sav. Fejin ra nothu mesi daki et vinu de masala. PEJIM ! De otvi koars nek vilem. BAGE ! De nasi bogear tol banuts. TEK-ARS ! De hasia pekil de vosin, lap OBim sek vinutaz od derium de otinu al. Nika de oriaxa ves osianes mal. Papnor de oli ath nik.



Our gathering will seem like the making of fallen wonders. This covering mourning is decided to be within the black servant like a thousand scattered ponds, which at the same time makes up the presence of the mystery of burdens like the praying for redemption in Saziami`s low hanging chamber. The fallen gathers around the axe of the 2nd - revealing my awful great shadow. Any Justice is not here, and the All is without the NI. (What is) moving is the one main prayer of the slaves saying :
Wherein the forgetful childs mighty course is protected by the arrows that lits and surrounds, and for that forgetful slaves : slave; be defaced.
Our way to sunrise: Fighters: be around and make your troubled feelings. Let the regret be switched to the midst to the old seer and invoke the fallen wonders. Sicle: of the prayer cry and life attain. Doubt: guard the going ruler entirely. Thou welcome forgetfulness: expound the thruths for the thrembling apprentice, for the 28 lanterns my prayer calls forth and the union with their transformative consumption. The celebration of the union with the truly burning arrow. Memory of the made work here !