The call of OP :


Van heriex loi, metha roi da vovi lotas-nokia. Abramg de onus Le a tal di-e. Gati noi de vorun, tes noko BARAZ let fio de anusi re onto paria. Gal o be tan, dorin badeva akhre tes fiona leta de oriaxa sos ol danim. Dati re GA ka-onu zem de Li-teti, fom taranu de atva des kanime Le ag ba Quar-rati-onu. Zonos mer fi dakhel, don me avin set-i-anu.
O OP kraxi CLA tizian. Des satvi de bajeom de vanu VI, be donu zon za.



This is neither the kiss of division nor the blinding Sunrise of the Dragons massacre of servants, but the preparations of the Ones excesses into three. However ; conscerning the seeds becoming : the servant Baraz is forbidden to join the creating of the "smart fillings" of Fire. Into the five, but duly balanced, the black forgery of the wheel forbids this union; to get success; turn with in obediance. And there is the cunning 31 that are transgressing the cycle of the One, and his arrows are just becoming part of the shells of acceptance. The onelessness perfected by the 1636`s slaves pouring. The forms of torment is now around the Oak and the Reigner is hanging up millstones; hailing the neccessity`s becoming.
Come forth thou 22, exceed in spiral from the 456 ages of time, that no thing hears. Accepting the duty to know the 2nd, for the Reigner is a form within him.