The Call of OX:


Ol noktosui zoi so. Orpa Elia katrisa sont sajim nava Le atha ri i va na kelia hoija. Mej nos da avabhe oguna ro man, te rai nos da har-an-te lem Vi tas ogia. Fi matarz, forun sta do stok loija od natir sek mi to toj atva des samvelg. Gedin Babalon, sek Pirim; tejo gors. Enai doku rati es no vaiti lam ham.


The Division is here.
My reverence for this perplexion visits. The Ones follower, in the form of a scorpion messes the work of the One, and is as cunning as its birth (of terror). Look around; the word that calls forth the hyacinths is done and offered. It is the cold word that praises the way of the 2nd and brings him here, together with me. Celebrating the union in UTA and thousand fires consummation of the accepting robe. So turn, thou disappointed, the seed is released in the discharged wheel, and my main power, the child, lits up the accepting shells for the righteous. Fall flat, Babalon, for my Holy One is your lust. The Lord fulfills the curse of slavery, by becoming the listening path for all creatures.