Water of Fire:

Seeing the continual evolution of the universe
Water of Fire has 12 names:
OEERETIAAAUG relating to the Worldspirit of the Earth,
OGUAAAITEREE to the Sun which fits with the Third ray,
REEOGUAAAITE to the system which fits with the First ray, Lalande 21185 in Ursa
Major (Red dwarf with discovered accompanied planets)
RETIAAAUGOEE the Second, Sirius A+B in Canis Major
ITEREEOGUAAA the Fourth, Ross 248 in Andromeda
IAAAUGOEERET the Fifth, Alpha Centauria A+B in Centaurus
AUGOEERETIAA the Sixth, Wolf 359 in Leo (flare star)
AAAITEREEOGU the Seventh, UV Ceti A+B in Cetus (also called Luyten 726-8) (flare star)
MDLI this group of seven star systems
ILDM our part of the universe,
DMIL the universe


There are sigils fitting with the names:

OEERETIAAUG relating to the Worldspirit of the Earth.

Earth's sigil is a circle with a vertical line and a horizontal line about a quarter of the way from the left and bottom, a line running up-right from the intersection of these to the upper right point of the circle, and a short line perpindicular to this one. In the sigils, left and right relate to the the seven systems and other systems, up and down to broader patterns of the galaxy and more specific implementations. The lines of the sigil relate to energies coming in and converging into the seven systems, with the circle representing the Earth's containing a part of this.

OGUAAAITEREE to the Sun and the 3rd Ray.

The Sun's sigil consists of lines on the left and bottom with a semicircle running down from the top left and top middle points and a line running down from top middle to middle. The semicircle represents the seperation of energies into those going into the seven systems and those not, with the first two lines representing the former and the middle line the latter.

REEOGUAAAITE; to the system which fits with the First ray,

Lalande 21185's sigil is two sides of a pentagram meeting in the top center point and a thin oval crossing them.
The oval represents the five systems of the 18th fire of earth group, the lines energy coming in either to the seven systems or others.

RETIAAAUGOEE; the Second ray,

Sirius's sigil consists of a vertical line in the middle with a quarter circle running from the middle left to middle bottom and a triangular spiral running clockwise two turns from the top middle point starting down right. This represents complex patterning from outside the seven systems being absorbed by Sirius.

ITEREEOGUAAA; the Fourth ray.

Ross 248's sigil is an 8 rotated a bit counterclockwise with a triangle at its center pointing from the top loop to the bottom.
This reflects absorbing energy directed to the seven systems in a variety of ways.


Alpha Centauri's sigil is a rectangular curve with rounded corners starting up from the left side and turning down 180 degrees and running back right at the end of the rectangle. Inside is a 3 1/3 turn triangular spiral starting up-right, down-right, left. The triangular spiral represents complex patterning and the curve the process of drawing this into the seven systems and then sending it on.

AUGOEERETIAA; the Sixth ray.

Wolf 359's sigil is a downward arrow with a 1 1/2 turn counterclockwise spiral in the center.
This represents energy from outside the seven systems focused in with patterning defined by the seven systems.


AAAITEREEOGU; the Seventh ray.

UV Ceti's sigil is a left-hand senicircle with a line running down from the top middle and ending in a 2 turn clockwise spiral in the center.
This represents energy from the seven systems becoming patterning outside.

MDLI; this group of seven star systems.

MDLI's sigil is a pentagram with an arc running from the top left corner of the pentagram through the lower left to a point below its center. The pentagram represents relationships within the galaxy and the curve the emphasis on the seven systems.

LIMD; the galaxy,

LIMD's sigil is an upward pointing triangle with a small circle in the center, a line from it to the bottom, and two smaller L shapes running up and in towards it. The circle represents the center of the galaxy, the triangle the unified patterns of the galaxy, and the lines ways that energies are implemented within the galaxy.

ILDM; our part of the universe,

ILDM's sigil is interlocking upward and downward pointing triangles with a small circle in the middle and a largerer circle around them. The small circle represents our galactic center, the large one our collection of galaxies, the upward triangle processing within our galaxy, and the downward one processing in the broader context.

DMIL; the universe.

DMIL's sigil is a line running from bottom left toward the center and going into a 3 1/2 turn clockwise inward spiral. This represents influence from the core of the universe running out to us as perceived at the level of the seven systems.