16 paths and the Tree of Life
January 2004

I did a number of operations to bind together the 16 paths with the energy
coming from the Worldspirit
and the human initiatory processes reflected in
the Tree of Life. I used the spirit AILRT and corresponding sigil as
relating to the Worldspirit's energy and fitting with Malkuth, the 16 paths
material then fitting with the Supernals. The Kabbalistic names used below
come from Joseph Gikatilla's Gates of Light.

I called the cube names and ARPQA and KROPIN, then the pylon names Runar got,
then the sigil I got in relation to the energy coming from the Worldspirit

(four arrows), then AILRT as a guide to that energy. I then called Adonai,
god-name of Malkuth, which seemed to create a strong connection. Then I
called BE'eR, well, the name of Malkuth corresponding to Binah. I got an
image of energy coming in from the core of the Earth and various
extraterrestrial sources. Then I called YaM, sea, which corresponds to
Chokmah, and the energies coming in began blending into the initial
Worldspirit energy. Then I called KoL, all, which corresponds to Kether, and
this completed the process. Then I called EVeN, stone, the foundation stone
of the temple, which also corresponds to Binah. This fit with the circle
formed by ARPQA and KROPIN. Then I called bet HaMikadah, the Holy Temple,
corresponding to Gedulah, and in conjunction I called the Hebrew letters as
they go with the parts of the cube, making the cube into a temple for the
energies. Then I called TzedDeK, righteousness, corresponding to Geburah,
and was told that the more appropriate concept now was along the lines of
leadership, interpretation, and teaching, as per the Age of Aquarius
attributions. Then I called ANI, I, and MaLKUTh, kingdom, corresponding to
the two sides of Tiphareth. The temple seemed to have formed a voice which
corresponded to the I and this then rules the influence going out from the
temple. Then I called NeSHeR, eagle, corresponding to Netzach, and was told
that a lion might be the more important image, since the emphasis was now on
action rather than justice. The I called KoH, thus, corresponding to Hod,
and this seemed to really get the energy flowing into a more manifest level.
Then I called the Tree of Knowledge, corresponding to Yesod, and EReTz
HaCHaYYiM and SePHeR HaCHaYYiM, land of life and book of life, also
corresponding to Yesod. These enable the flow of energy into Malkuth. Also
corresponding to Yesod is ZOT, this, which is spelled zayin aleph tav
indicating the seven sephiroth from Binah to Yesod pouring through the lower
alphabet. Finally, Malkuth is related to the 10=2*5 formula, with DiBuR,
speech, corresponding to Geburah, and this combines with inspiration from
Chokmah to give the Oral Torah in Gates of Life, though I was told that again
the emphasis was on inspiration to action rather than law. All of this seems
to have bound the 16 paths cube and its potential for initiation into the
energy coming from the Worldspirit.

I called the cube, pylons, sigil, and AILRT as before, then the letters as
they fit with the cube as relating to Malkuth, then the forward pairs of
letters with the vowels I've gotten as appropriate to the cube as relating to
Tav. This connected with the lower alphabet which is in Tav's path and thus
with the path.

I called the cube with Hebrew letters, pylons, sigil, and AILRT as before.
Then I called EL CHaY, EL SHaDaY, and MaKaR MaYiM CHaYYiM, Fount of Living
Waters, which are names of Yesod corresponding to Binah, Chokmah, and Kether,
respectively. Then I called YeSOD, foundation, the name corresponding to
Gedulah, then TZaDIK, righteous, the name corresponding to Geburah, then TOV,
good, the name corresponding to Tiphareth, then SHaLoM, peace, the name
corresponding to Netzach, then ZiCHaRoN, memory, the name corresponding to
Hod. These stand behind the corresponding names for Malkuth. ZaCHoR and
SHaMoR, remember and keep, correspond to Yesod and Malkuth as day and night,
and thus begin the flow from Yesod into Malkuth. SHaBaT, sabbath, then joins
these, corresponding to Binah in relation to the flow of energy. I then
called YeSOD OLaM, foundation of the World, the name corresponding to Gedulah
in relation to the flow of energy, then GOaL, redeemer, the name
corresponding to Geburah, then ONeG, delight, the name corresponding to
Tiphareth. I then called BRIT, covenant, the name corresponding to Netzach.
As with Malkuth, I got the impression that the emphasis here should be on
action in accord with the energy coming through the paths rather than on
law. I then called OHT, sign, the name corresponding to Hod. I then called
SHeVuAh, oath, which connects the seven (SHiVaH) from Binah to Yesod into
Malkuth. Then I called ELoHaY AMeN, sworn by, which relates to AMeN's
gematria of 91, the higher nine folwing into Malkuth, and KI TOV, it was
good, which indicates connection. Then there were a series of names relating
to Netzach and Hod as governing how much energy is allowed to flow which I
was told to skip because of the action rather than law emphasis. Finally, I
called KoL, all, and AyT time, as Yesod and Malkuth, and KoL as Malkuth.
These words are discussed in my alphabets essay.

I called the cube, sigil, and AILRT as before. Then I called on Shin as the
fire of change and Resh as the organizing intelligence behind it, these being
necessary as one moves into Hod and becomes immersed in the processes of the
paths. Then I called ELoHIM TZVAOT, the God-name. Then I called Taurus and
Venus, the attributes for Hod in the Age of Aquarius. Then I called ADMONiY,
red-cheeked, which reflects Hod's position in the bottom four sephiroth which
are associated with David. Then I called HOD, majesty, which connects with
Gevurah. Then I called BOAZ, the second pillar of the Temple, which roots
Hod in Malkuth, and OZ, power, and MaOZ, refuge, which allow Gevurah and
Binah respectively to empower BOAZ. Then I called on the spirits associated
with the paths, the ones I've gotten names for from the Fire of Earth and Air
of Earth paths and the ones I haven't encountered yet.

I called the cube, sigil, and AILRT as before. Then I called Qoph as
relating to the material as receptive and energy flowing into it. Then I
called Tzaddi as the ability to stand apart. Then I called Peh as things
happening. Then I called IHeOHu TZVAOT, God-name of Netzach. Then I called
TOV ROi, a good sight, which relates to the bottom four sephiroth as headed
by Netzach. Then I called Aries and Mars, the attributes for Netzach in the
Age of Aquarius. Then I called NeTZaCH, majesty, which connects to Gedulah.
Then I called YaKiN, the first pillar of the temple, which roots Netzach in
Malkuth. The result of all this seemed to be the bottom four sephiroth
working as a functional group.

I called the cube, sigil, and AILRT as before. Then I called on Ayin as the
compact between those working the paths and the energies behind them. Then I
called on Samekh as the support one calls into one's life. Then I called on
Nun as the promise of the possibility of spiritual attainment. Then I called
on IHeOHu, the God-name of Tiphereth, and visualized how the letters fit in
the Tree. Then I called TaMiYm, perfect, which is Tiphareth as balancing
Gedulah and Gevurah. Then I called EMeT, truth, which is Tiphareth as
combining the Supernals. Then I visualized Tiphareth as connecting to each
of the other spheres. Then I visualized moving through the bottom four
sephiroth as the KeLiPot, shells, thus moving from the bottom to top half of
the Tree, and called TiPHEReT, beauty, which relates to IHeOHu's wearing the
garments of all of the spheres. Then I called ATaH, you, which relates to
the higher alphabet absorbed through Binah. Then I imagined Tiphareth as
balancing Gedulah as Aquarius/Uranus/Saturn and Gevurah as

I called the cube, sigil, and AILRT as before. Then I called on Mem as the
flow of energy from divine will. Then I called on Lamed as the power of
implementation. Then I called ELoHIM, the God-name of Gevurah. Then I
called Pisces, Neptune, and Jupiter, the attributions for Gevurah in the Age
of Aquarius.
Then I called on GeVuRaH, power, which draws its strength from
Binah. The I called on AySH, fire, which enables change.

I called the cube, sigil, and AILRT as before. Then I called on Kaph as self
being made into a vessel. Then I called on Yod as the ability to send forth
creative seeds. The I called on Teth as binding the Zer Anpin to the
Supernals. Then I called EL, God-name of Gedulah. Then I called on
Aquarius, Uranus, and Saturn, the attributes for Gedulah in the Age of
. Then I called GeDuLaH, greatness. Then I called MaYiM, water,
which allowed Gedulah's influence to flow through the lower sephiroth, making
the lower 7 into a functional group.

I called the cube as before. Then I visualized the energy I'd seen
previously in the lower seven sephiroth, called on Zayin, and watched the
energy shift to the seven from Binah to Yesod. Then I visualized YHVH and
called ELoHIM, YHVH pronounced ELoHIM being the God-name of Binah. Then I
called on BINaH, knowledge, as binding the Supernals to the lower sephiroth.
Then I visualized Binah and Malkuth as the ends of the lower eight sephiroth,
with the focus now being in Binah. Then I called on YoVeL, Jubilee, which
carries the freedom of Binah to the lower sephiroth.

I called the cube as before. Then I called Cheth as the lower eight
sephiroth. Then I went through the pattern of Genesis 1 in relation to the
Tree. First I called Genesis 1:1, and with HaAretz I called on the sigil and
AILRT. Then I called on the subquarter angels as they fit with Genesis 1:2,
calling first the crosses, then all the bottom serviant angels as fitting
with the darkness on the deep, then all the next ones breaking up the ToHU,
then all the next ones revealing the BoHU, then all the top ones as opening
to the spirit hovering, then the kerubic angels in groups as letting the
spirit act. Then I went through the six days as they relate to the Tree.
The material of the sixth day seemed to fit the 16 paths material with the
nature of human potential. After the six days material, I visualized the
kerubic angels as planting the crosses, activating the serviant square
spirits and serviant angels and bringing the process into Malkuth. Then I
called the names I got from the LMNA tablet together with the related ERAN
and pylon names and the names from the GNM tablet and OB, visualizing the
pylons as fitting with the arrows of the sigil and connecting with the
subquarter angels for the direction.

I called the cube, sigil, and AILRT as before. Then I called the EM, NI, and
the ACAM listed before the group of 21. Then I called Daleth, visualized the
locations of the two alphabets in the Tree, and then called EHUYa connecting
them. Then I called the group of 21 ACAM names, visualizing the egg of
potential as Daath emerging as child of the Supernals and so on. Then I
called the rest of the ACAM names.

I called the cube, sigil, and AILRT as before. Then I called Heh and Vav and
visualized them as the corresponding sephiroth. Then I called OHu and
visualized the Zer Anpin as a funnel feeding into Malkuth. The I called He
and visualized Binah as structuring the sephiroth. The I called I and
visualized Chokmah as feeding into the preceeding. Then I called YaH, the
God-name of Chokmah. Then I called YeSH, there is, the name corresponding to
Binah. Then I called CHoKMaH, wisdom, the name corresponding to Chokmah as
it connects to Kether and Binah. Then I called RaTZON, will, the name
corresponding to Kether. Then I called AOMeK, depth, the name corresponding
to Gedulah. Then I called MaCHSHaVaH, thought, the name corresponding to
Gevurah. Then I called PeLe, wonders, the name corresponding to Tiphareth.
Then I called TiRAH, fearer, the name corresponding to Netzach. Then I
called EDeN, the name corresponding to Hod. Then I called YaDeCHa, Your
hand, the name corresponding to Yesod as it unites with Malkuth, and I
visualized the energy coming from Chokmah transforming Malkuth as Daleth to

I called the cube, sigil, and AILRT as before. Then I called Gimel as
connecting the Supernals to the lower seven. Then I called Beth and Aleph as
enabling the beginning of creation. Then I called EHeYeH, I am, God-name of
Kether, and visualized the upper and lower alphabets (Aleph and Yod as in
EHUYa) being absorbed into Binah and Malkuth (Heh's). Then I called AyT
RaTZON, period of divine will, connecting Chokmah to the lower alphabet and
thus its influence on Malkuth. Then I called PANYM, face, which corresponds
to Binah as it is relfected in the Zer Anpin. Then I called KeDeM, east, as
corresponding to Gedulah and Gevurah. Then I called HUA, He, corresponding
to the visible side of Tiphareth. Then I called AYN, nothing, corresponding
to the hidden side of Tiphareth. Then I called KeDeM as corresponding to
Netzach and Hod. Then I called KeTeR, crown, as corresponding to Yesod and
unifying the upper nine. This allows Malkuth to be redeemed up to Daath's
position in the Tree. Then I called RoASH HaLaVan, white head, corresponding
to Malkuth now the head of the Zer Anpin.