The PD call :


Ourati ! Gedin ! Lap of sieth da rogun ten. Belioreta pi zani keth par marsiplah zonos b rati nof. Andor bi kel mi orim sati re onto kile paz zomia voin PARAKATI lasa pel di-man. Etia donus pel odore ki mazi lama fines de OBim rati. Nof me mi, mapi de PeDa logoxen :
"Ar mi tal, des pala terim basi coi -napta."

Zonos Belati sak perim od nothi gonos de quani dor pel sak osianes sati mer. Hom praxipol beliora nothun od miza e i NA.
Bel i ol Tani.



(I am) Calling (you forth) slaves! Fall down ! For Strength (will be the) end of the robes of the bendt. The beautiful place for the finger shall be their wretched forms, and thus they becomes translucent. A dark voice gives birth to power and lust, which is provided as the smart filling as the (thunder)bolt is ; between the brothers, the wisdom wherein Parakati`s riches are the fixed fire offered by the 3rd. The whirling reigner grants the pact of the path, by the impounding of the 28 (OB) slaves. The translucent powers spread around, (and) the sentence of the 33 sounds : "Protect the powers excess, and accept their manifestation as cups rather than swords ".

I am running with the forms of Justice, and in the midst of the faithful olives, the black fixed fire of mine provides (once) the torment. I am living in the midst of the world in beauty, entering the Trinity whenever I will.
Justified is my Balance.




The first section I would say adresses filth or a substrate that is poor and the process I wouldnt call ressurection, but a restoration of  Not-being from its various manifestations that gradually have become something - something it shouldnt or wouldnt be.  The process seems to be just eradication, while a ressurection starts with something that is eradicated and so reappears magnified.
Then follows various contributions to this process from others in the I ged.
Reigner may refer to CLA or the Child of neither.
The last part is a little impression from being in the Trinity - which I understand as being conscious on the causal plane.
Black fire in olives - also mentioned in Logaeth #15. (Olives = microcosmic beings)