The Call of PEOAL:


Bel i tel nag mi-pares tol de ovof, te BARAZ kolia neth fi, sak bilem foj na vethurz. O din tak Le man terim taz. Ogun rai tel amando KATI avando. Re oto sek pirim pal desia. "Dogun pil-ore delia fitharz te omistan coijin, ors hales atič of maphil osianda vethik lama-ran." OB bares otun nikhurz mapi sak de PEOAL: "Dares thil Nati kas Le onto pejim te ratienu quasb." Zol da pekil ars vanu. oi das kinis lam:
I meth-ag de honia Zip felani da GA. Raas nothil, zami sep o ma od fi Nat. Altari des koi na methik as-ten-kil. PEOAL hoija; Maz de of.


PEOAL is forbidden to fall.

Just is the course that will magnify all of Fire`s powers, for as BARAZ made our meeting with garments, my voice is (here) for the making of the Highest. (This) Calling forth demands the Ones feet to be offered here. The cold merchant appears and offers the desert to the good brother.Mine slyer Holy One accepts (saying) "Fighters; visit thou the black howling firmament with mute names for this black threshold to work the unattainable strength." No burning is made in this cold path.The 28 lanterns is put to sleep and redeemed in the highest. My sentence of the 69636: "The seat of the self wherein the child is, brings forth the sicles for the destruction of slaves." The apprentices friendly hand invokes this one which restricts any approach to the path:
The One does not continue in the void of ZIP that exaggerates the use of the 31. The seat of the east is empty, and the warstar has fallen; encircling the child. Accept being consumed rather than being the weak bolt within that which wont continue. The terror of the 69636 is the pact of strength.