The call of QUAR:


QUAR-rati: Zomia itetikile obanasias ostan deritinoi. Fitharz donoki qoilin sosi soba dorin napeta loin dares stim-kati. Dolia oria, et vinu zom satin gores. Albor bojin it va zon dorim vatva cors lob sez amsez OS matpa. Roi na gur i vet loin DAX. Rta voivinates ki lami kratiopl.



The Joy of Zoiga.

You 1636 slaves; Wisdom accepts what has been done and through the limitations set, names will make your breaktrough and excesses. So visit the mute black star in orbit, whose black sword decides itself to be the willing and good brother. Carefully ruling it like the formed black beast whose heart is like an axe; the cursed axe of the 12 negatives. The sunrise that true is, makes and determines the 49. It seems like dragons grants the path of fates fulfillment.