Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

and the knights who couldnt get it back in place.

Today; in 2003 ev, its easy to say without being challenged, that one must be very ignorant to not understand that the general level of noise and pain that have followed the wake of cOTOs revival tells that something is wrong with its setup.

There are many constitutional regulations which are possible to discuss years after year, however this essay deals with the points that I find most influental in shaping cOTOs culture.

Hymenaus Beta quotes from Crowleys letter to Yorke; 1928 in his introduction of AC`s Book 4:

AC: "The OTO differs fundamentally from AA:
The OTO is, so to speak, the quintessence of Freemasonry, and is run on strictly Masonic lines. There is no question of spiritual advancement as in the AA. It teaches nothing but theoretical and practical philosophy of life and death. There is no question of attaining higher states of consciousness. It is true that some of the practices involve what might, on analysis, turn out to be supernormal conditions, but it is not mystical in any ordinary sense of the word. Further it works almost entirely in groups , and this is what makes the attitude towards money different."

As we know the evaluation of the candidates to the lesser degrees contains no specific criteria apart from that "of good conduct" part. Its all up to the sponsors. Prinsciples pertaining to Invitation to the higher degrees is unknown to me, if there be any specific criteria, I assume that it doesnt contradict the quote of AC above.

This leaves the OTO with a specific personality. The freedom to ignore spirituality completely. Of course that doesnt sound wise, good or even beneficial at all. But this trait is in the long run hammered out, as the groups that benefits and trives under those conditions are growing. And the cold wave of secularized and sceptic scholars is a fact.
And eventually it explains these agelong and incredible dull discussions on century old charters.
Why? Because there is no other test of attainment. There is nothing else of value to the OTO. In order to finally boost out " I am the righteous initiated into the lofty etc etc and the holder of such and such attainment and am so ooooo important who keeps such fantastic great secrets - hint hint blink blink overtime --- then these agelong discussions are for many worth enduring. Thats the great attainment.
And then you get this parade of people that in former times was satisfied with just being stampcollectors. But that now sees their chance of also gaining some sexappeal upon completion of their crusade - this magickal mystery charter tour.

I am indeed very very sad about how OTO turned out.
The point where the culture of cOTO starts to become sick, is where the freedom of ignoring turns over to outright denial of spirituality. Its an option that can be done easily and silently in the OTO without much notice.
With this one creates a current where the energetic aspect of reality is faded down and as such emotions are also banished. The leftover is hollow armour. This lays the scene bare for psychopaths and double communication- formal it says one thing, energetic it says another. But if a situation is scrutinized - the energetic side is easily missed or even denied. There are ofcourse uncountable methods to come up with for the real psychopath.

And then there are those folks pretending to be serious by being sceptical, scientific and down-to-earth, while actually living for excercising violence on the spirit. I hear those folks are now busy with trying to interprete Crowleys Book of the Law in terms of auto suggestion and the alike. How interesting ! How exciting ! They probably think they will create something of value to mankind.
And in the hatred towards the christians malpractice of belief, coupled by the idea of Crowleys scientific illumination, the same ones have collectively developed practices which I call "Sceptic mystisism". Its slogan is " I dont believe it before I see it, and when I see it I still dont believe it. Also " If there is no proof; it never happened". The basic idea is however the use of ignorance on the places that suits oneself and ones agenda. so that one can continue bickering on diverse forums on the same issues, shouting liar to those that call ones liar. And they bickered themselves into eternity.

The reason why Crowley thought the OTO policy was ok, I think is that it rhymes with his lament in Book 4: There is no other evidence of Holyness than the feeling of Holyness.
A feeling is strictly subjective and is as far away from the term objective and evidence as it can get. I think Crowley wanted to ensure the future of the OTO by anchoring it to something that seemed definite and unquestionable. Plus that the charter policies was of old masonic lines. But the response from the Black Brotherhood seems to have been - "yes we like that righteous solution, but then we want JUST that, so it eventually will get wrong."
Crowley probably thought he avoided the endless debates on the supremacy of the spirituality of mr so and so. Such debates could be really awful too, but to my experience such discussions gets shorter and also notexisting those places where is established an healthy spirituality. So this weakness in ACs system has been used for all its worth by The Black Brotherhood.
Therefore should the perception faculties be trained in all ways and tested again and again, till one gains security on its range and limitations. Remember the success is worth little if it cant be felt subjectively.

One may argue that the sponsor mechanism within the OTO could contain contain some spiritual evaluation, but as the standard are now duly set, the OTO will not attract anyone who are not able to ignore the level of noise and troublesome fraternity, it will rather attract those who enjoy those conditions. So in the places where spiritual evaluation could have been used, it now will hardly get any real choice. If there is going to be created a new balance in the cOTO, it obviously will demand revolution. And it cannot be some oldfashioned one which sows new and intense hatred by its strifes, as that would likely keep the seeds of imbalance, and bring new troublesome harvest on the same themes.

If there is anything I want by writing this, I would like to promote a balance between form and force, belief and doubt, the objective proof and the subjective feeling. Because on the other hand we find the mad spiritualist which have lost just as much clues to his progress, and serves the sceptic as proof that the conscern for spiritual matter are in vain. Therefore; my advice is to not heed any choice between the Holy Grail and the Holy Charter, but take them both.
Balance rules.


And when contemplating what these regulations actually have done to the original Masonic bodies; it seems pretty easy.
They have all fallen to the same mechanisms.
But their fall have been so complete that I have never been close to take them serious,
they have just been a target for my deliberate ignorance, while at the same time I have tried to read what I can find about their original manuscripts. I simply dont want to be bothered by their organisation, and their brotherhood which have become formal and have become focused on different things than the masonic ideals.
What masonic Order would today say that they are a spiritual Order and that they revere the spirit, and that they at all means try to live it?
There are likely to be someone who will defend their Masonic body`s spiritual integrity and dignity,
but when these are compared by other religious practioners of real and living cults, it becomes clear that they are far worse than pretenders, they have by their clumsy application of the prinsciple of conservatism become anti religious backsliders, that have made beautifully constructed Orders to the dens of mafiadogs, that practices their greed for power and material wealth without any aid or purpose of the now banished spirit. And they have of course, with their banishings; betrayed their communities and civilisations of which they once were its Highlight.

There is only one thing which could justify the rigid conservatism of masonic Orders, and their rituals, and that is the acknowledgment of their perfectness. And who would do that ? On what grounds?
But even that would fail in time as, living religion must be redefined and adapted for the time, for the religion is meant to unfold in time, space and matter. Not just on a single hour at sundays.

The conservatives denial of the creative aspects, the elaborations on the Orders, are the denial of the Rose, that again are the symbol of the power of will, the wills own lust and light. They are by this mechanism condemned to fall from light, and they will pull as many as they can with them. Their condition today is a symptom of the western cultures decline.

Love is the Law, Love under will.
Fr. Z. D. K/C.
Runar Karlsen