Homepage of Runar Karlsen ,
also some times known as
Zoel Dana Kaim/Caim.


What it is all about !
An introduction to enochian, magick as I see it myself


More Enochian Works :

An Enochian banishing rite
My standard beginning rite for any enochian work

An Enochian Protection rite
Mostly known as The sicle Rite.

Liber 4 8

My aethyr records commented, contains the material which documents my spiritual way and attainments.
This work is still under progress and all records are not yet up.

Pir Tol
A work which preceeded the I ged.

And of course if you havent seen my Enochian receiving with its following grimoire; take a look

Dor OS zol ma thil...

.... I Ged.





A last is my neo-egyptian transmissions up, together with comments and writings,
though not complete yet, there is much to read already.
Its an index page on its own.




This man so frequently refered to on this site as AC, was the one and only who revived Magick and made it workable again.
Please read him if you would like to understand the discipline. Most texts of Crowley are found on the web today, dont forget to search google.


Orders I Promote:

The A:. A:.
Paul Joseph Rovellis lineage has been able to survive the deluge of the cowering eighties with spiritual integrity intact.
Fr. Centaurus is now under the supervision of Fr. Zoel Dana Kaim/Caim.


The Gnostic Circle
An email list for all themes that may or may not be of interest to the thelemite, gnostic, rosicrucian magician and alchemist.
I usually do my writings on egyptian and thelemic matter here.
Subscribtion happens by invitation only, so write to P.J. Rovelli.


The Thelemite Ecclesia Gnostica Apostolica.

My church Project !







Conscerning the troubled years of Thelemic revival of the eighties and the nineties.

The Rose who fell off the cross.
This is my main objection against the cOTO and masonic bodies in general.

Das OTO phenomen.
Peter Koenigs site is the best source available on the cOTO and also what it has become -
Which is something else than the impressions one is likely to get out of reading A Crowley.
To make it clear: I support Koenig and not the cOTO.
His site have now also my contribution that is some of my exps with the cOTO.