The VX call:


Honia-bienu; ma saki stoij set zim na drokelatirs, ensi so NA torzu dan toi. Sakba soti n nat cors gev uat zon taiji, ol motabe don svoi, gof ef sof sa fanutas saiin caosgo, dors za mithales des. Keniatraah ds moiba he golepintakrestion.
Pm S ? N. NA.
Quar-rati dont lam de ors zna, miba teji ogg da lam de ors zna, miba teji ogg da feni set OS nak laim. Bel tores onu samevelg Zam, bi da tores do sonia kasiatris, sejin so, de ars noc Balt ofenu sat si, lap terianu sat sik si.



Voice of the void; My fall aches me and demands me to enter the even more painful healer, so I am going to visit the Trinity which arises and obediantly lits. To the Fool; which according to the child of nothing, whose beginning made forms and lit up, my .. (motabe) the ruler of penance, visit the discordance within the dwellingplace within the earth, whose inner darkness willingly accept punishment. And the Bound Girdle that abides and grows strong sings praises to the feet in the hemming way.
Making 4 ? No. The Trinity.
You 1636 slaves, pour out the way for the flight in darkness, empower and lit up the following chamber, requiring the 12 living Ones. The just stays and starts the war of righteusness, and the voice that delights in creating scorpions visits the earthly, and to the friendly servant and follower of the God of Justice is there provided an end, for there shall be provided a mystery`s end.