What it is all about.

Magick today is still a science and art to be explored in order to fully grasp its potensial. There are however certain possibilities that marks itself as obvious apart from the motive that Magick still is best known for, and the latter is of course practical magick; how to obtain diverse material goods.
I consider the motive of practical magick boring in comparison to the other aspects.

Exploration of the the world, the universe, the nature in its energetic aspects to complete the world views that we also obtain by the accepted sciences.
This has always been the tone in enochian magick, as the calls of Dee and Kelly usually ends with the words "Odo cicle qaa," that means "Open the mysteries of Creation". And enochian magick doesnt waver in its revelationary mission. The works on this website provides the magickian with extremely many names that gives access to the powers of and in nature that hitherto have been unspoken or just legendary. The great scale of this work tells also that it will remain in interest for ages as it possibly cannot be explored fully by a few individuals. There have to be a culture which shares results and builds libraries of these in order to fully grasp the potential herein.
As Dean and my work have been consentrated on working out these manuals, there are still not so much work which shows results of their use, but I recommend the essay Local starsystems as it shows clearly the potential of this system, as herein are descriptions of Powers now forgotten but that we know that the Egyptians were fully aware of and used as well as they could, and I refer here to the Sirius system.
Also the page of the AF speaks about the relation between the Earth and other star constellation and planets therein.
These essays shows clearly that enochian magick is the way to further expound on the Theosophical legacy; as it was H.P. Blavatsky that was first out in the west to speak about the influence of certain outer starsystem.
The page on 16 initiatory paths is a work under progress that deals particuarly with this.

The importance of exploration is particularly evident in these days/centuries. Science since the renaissance have regularly updated the paradigms of modern man, while religion have been neglected, supressed and degenerated, and the grimoires left us to study now, are mostly mediaeval and leaves us with names and procedures which are based upon paradigms that now are outworn.
Example: When studying the astrological influence and parallellity to our psychic reality, we cannot just call the 7 planets and believe we have got it all. We just know there is much more to reality.
This work which can be called the study of the concourse of the forces is basic to all that takes up Magick. It is here to make any magician understand what are the basic and primary forces of the Universe, what are the constituent forces of hirs reality.
This work can be done by use of AC`s Liber O, that deals with the calling of planets and zodiac constellations by use of hexagrams and pentagrams, and much more. This work of his, is already ripe for updating.
Marid Audran`s system of QWYD is a fresh work from enochia which gives access to the souls of the planets and their closest companions. This work I recommend greatly as part of beginning work in enochia. This system could be said to be similar to the work of Franz Bardon, in that it deals with planetary souls and spirits, but Marids work is complete while Franz`s stops at Saturn and not giving the names therein as he thinks it would be too dangerous to people. I think people must find out for themselves what is too much for them.


The other motive of magick which I find interesting is its application to culture. The small orders which uses rites in its congregations understands well this aspect. As communities backed up by spirituality are developing its holiness, by the usage of initiation and all other magickal or mystic ways of self development,one can herein experience the interaction with other people in an exalted state, see the inner beings of those one usually sees the outer of; with an ease unexpected. It gives easily meaning, and as people in general understands the prinsciples of the new aeon, it will give off these results without the chaos which many of the freshmen in the eighties and nineties experienced.
Here; Thelema is more important than enochia, in that AC is the one who have the thoughts on ethics and Law. (Read his book "The Law is for ALL".)

Enochia have been free of Orders from its beginning as the interest of the voice have been mainly to lauch systems that could give inspiration and gnosis to at least somebody. There has been no attempts from these voices to create some certified Order, and we can safely assume that all the material released are meant to be public domaine.
However; working Fellowships are a good idea, and there have been some already, more or less open. Some of these could be nice and educative, but right now, I really dont know any of them. I see the AOM as a great seed in this aspect.

From the diaries of Dee and Kelly we can also find hints that they saw cultural aspects of their work. Especially the 91 parts of the Earth was something which Dee saw as a system that could change the fate of the political map.

My own transmissions from the 9 Firespirits; the DOzmt can easily be seen as the continuation of the teachings within Thelema, in that it exposes the troublesome dynamics of the shadow of Life and karma, the strucures they set up in their descent and ascension, and thus also exposing much of the work within the theme that both enochia and Thelema shares; the Rosicrucian theme; the way to the liberated spirit which is the everliving soul, that have got the vision of a life that spans the ages.

The development of the science of Magick.

As all this work in Enochia is dependent upon the practice of Magick, something have to be said about this too.
Gnostisism = scientific illuminism => Neo-gnostisism

Aleister Crowleys concept of Scientific Illuminism wasnt so much propagandated by him as I would like it to be, but anyway he left his Order A.A. containing a structure of examining which is the practical and working manifestation of those thoughts. Today I see Scientific Illuminism as the modern version of gnostisism. Gnosis means knowledge, but I have also seen it translated as certainty and conviction.
Magick as a science differs fundamentally from other sciences as it uses the subjective point of view in its way to validation. Magick is simply an empirical science based upon subjectivity, and the subjectivity is validated through tests. The gnostic uses his checked and developed perceptions to direct gnosis, while the other sciences uses diagnosis. The greatness of the successful gnostic is his direct access to objectivity.
This is of course troublesome for very many.
How can we trust the claim of somebody which says they master certain astral techniques? Of course we cant, without mastering the astral ourselves, so that we can see the material where the evidence takes place, and also the premises ruling there. Therefore, the old hierarchy of mystical Orders become reasonable again, as Magick shows to be a graded science, - there are levels of working, and works that can only be verified by people that have gained mastery of the same levels.
(This also tells about the absolute integrity of an Order that operates succesfully by these lines - none can verify them but themselves.)

The promotion of a science based upon subjectivity sounds today nearly ridiculous, but its exactly that which is the hot potato of the sciences today. Even if Newton is proven wrong, his mechanical paradigm doesnt fall and thats because its work within its own premises. So - Newton is still in use in all sciences apart of the few ones that successfully superseeded it -as Quantumphysics. However, the usage of Newtons paradigm into a science as psychology reveals soon its ugliness. The denial and ignorance of subjectivity on an overall makes the science become a practice in dehumanising. (Check out ie. psychologys Behaviourism- where the main view upon a human is that its a limited object which have no choice but to respond to given stimuli.) It may be argued from them that the avoiding of the unmeasurable subjective factor gives fundament for creating workable methods, and I answer; fine, but thats not what have happened in the last centurys science, but the diabolisation of the subjective; the collective denial of selves.
So - I would say that the knowledge of the complex of subjectivity is exactly what modern science needs today, but as its so supressed, they have of course denied the means of studying it. Its Magick.

Scientific illuminism must not be regarded as enemy to faith and religion. Gnostics are subjects to belief and faith as well, but as beliefs are challenged by practical work, the gnostic is the one that can transform beliefs into certainty. This is in great contrast to the todays christianism where simply clinging to faith and belief is regarded as enough. To the modern gnostic, belief must be put to test, and as there is no other proof than the subjective, the subjective view and proof must be regarded as what it is; a mans testimony and word.
And as the world responds to the Thelemic doctrine "Every Man and Woman is a star", and "Homo est Deus", we hope that man can be taken serious soon, and the project born in the renaissance as "the restoration of the dignity of Man" can get going.

Scientific illuminism is hostile to the mystery, in that it examines and explains what appear to be mysterious in order to find the great mystery, of which it is said from the ancients that its not possible to reveal in language. We hope its still this way, so that the project of the Magician (ref: Liber B vel Magus of AC) will end with his death; his works completion and leaving the stage for the true mystery which cannot be exposed.

The work is still in progress.