Names of Oaks.

Over the past three years, I've received three words, the last of which is the name of an OP oak. The first is ABRChAMBQA in Hebrew, ABRXAMBKA in Greek, the second BLIORDE in Enochian, and the third SHARSHANDRAM in Enochian.

ABRChAMBQA adds to 355 in Hebrew. 55 is the mystical number of Malkuth and KLH meaning bride adds to 55 and is a name of Malkuth. The 3 may be taken as referring to Binah, so 355 can be interpretted as Binah reflected in Malkuth as bride. 355=5*71. 71 can be interpretted as either the lower 7 sephiroth looking to Binah or sephiroth 3-9 seperated from Malkuth. 5 is the number of Heh which is associated with Binah and Maluth is the IHVH formula, so 355 can be interpretted as the higher Heh reflected in the lower. PhaRaOH adds to 355 reflecting the ambiguity of the number, since in the Old Testament Pharaoh is powerful but able to become disconnected from righteousness, as the Jews saw it. ABRXAMBKA adds to 767 in Greek. 767=59*13. 59 reduces to 14 and then 5 by adding digits. 59 can thus be interpretted as microcosmic spirit (5) contacting the Empyrium (9) thus becoming a star (14) while remaining unchanged in form. 13 indicates the elements (1+3=4) out of balance. Thus 767 can be interpretted as the soul reaching celestial heights without first finding balance among the elements. The 6 (perfected soul) between the two 7's (celestial infuence) and the fact that 7+6+7=20 (manifest division) can be interpretted the same way. The word is best interpretted in triples. ABR is the start of such words as ABRAHADABRA and ABRAXAS and indicates unity becoming division becoming a flowing into the material, interpretted in either Hebrew or Greek. ChAM in Hebrew can be read as Ch contacting that which is above, A the unity there seen, M influence from above flowing down. ChAM adds to 49, the same as AL ChI, Living God. XAM in Greek can be interpretted as X the cosmic, A as source of manifesting energy, M as the center rooted between the above and below. BQA in Hebrew can be interpretted as will flowing into the material manifesting unity below. BKA in Greek can be interpretted as division transcended by manifesting, giving unity anew.

BLIORDE begins with BLIOR meaning comfort and can be interpretted as comfort found by becoming the motion of the Third's will.

SHARSHANDRAM implies a rebirth process withing the Third's motion beginning knowledge.


Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001

A later working with the 8th-10th calls yielded an additional pair of names going with the oak structure:

In the nest at top:  ELFANDROK which can be translated Willing the First to manifest anew within the Third's movement becoming creation.

At the base of the oak:  FKOMRACOLAN which can be translated Manifest
creation becomes mind moving to begin creation become the First anew within.